Storyboards & Animatics


This was my final storyboard assignment for my Time-Based Media Class. Our assignment was to create a storyboard based on a piece of text. The text I chose for my Storyboard was a poem I cherish greatly titled "Grandma's Pearls of Wisdom" by Becky Netherland. I wanted to do a more personal piece as well as a more finished piece for my final. I chose to go with a limited palette color as well as style that was inspired by the 1950s and color blocking. The music is the instrumental version of "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol.


This assignment for my Time-Based Media Class required us to create an animatic inspired by sound without words. The song I chose was "Lionheart" by Emancipator. I chose to create a steampunk inspired story about a boy who plans to leave home and travel the world. His mother worries for his safety and doesn't want him to leave. The day before he is scheduled to leave he has a dream about the pros and cons of his travels.


This is a current work in progress from my Timing & Layout class. The concept behind this story is Bigfoot hiding in plain sight, and nobody sees him except a young boy at the end. The song used in this video is Bombom by Macklemore; Ryan Lewis; & The Teaching

This version of the piece is just the first pass and there are plans to make corrections to certain scenes as well as some timing adjustments for the second pass and so on. Switching programs halfway through proved to be a challenge but better overall in the end.



Rough Animations & Animation Exercises


This is the classic sound clip animation from my animation II class. We were instructed to listen to the sound clip without looking up the original scene it came from; so, after listening to the sound clip a few times the scenario of a person hidden away in his room dramatically confessing to his teddy bear came to mind . 


This is a sad, slow walk cycle from my Animation class. This exercise was used to focus on the weight, emotion, and movement of a character in one cycle. The cycle was then repeated to create a smooth transition from one cycle to the next.


This was another animation exercise that focused again on the weight and density of different objects when they fall. The four objects we were required to animate included a bowling ball, feather, water balloon, and egg.  


This is my three objects transformation animation from Animation I. We were required to choose three objects that transformed into one another. I chose to transform a frog, dragonfly, and fish.


This was my rough animation for my Animation I final. I decided to make an animation about the cafeteria madness during dinner time, especially during finals. I always wondered what the poor cafeteria workers thought of all the starving students who came rushing in demanding for food. I could imagine it would be overwhelming! Then I thought of all the ridiculous possibilities and I thought it would make for a humorous animation.


*For more videos check out my Vimeo and Behance links below.